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Mini Excavator Hire in Brisbane

0.8 Ton Mini Excavator

0.8 ton mini excavator, model XN8. 1 cylinder Chinese engine, Chinese
Rubber tracks, joystick controls, 2 buckets, auger with 200 mm drill bit.


Ideal for small acreage, ideal home machine, you always have a job to do, plant a tree, fix a fence.

Coming soon will be a new specifically designed garden excavator with petrol engine, rated at 0.08, fully manufactured in China, will have all attachments and will sell under 10K (Watch this space)

To buy this XN 0.08 with diesel engine $13,500 Plus we have designed trailer to suit, or you can transport in a 6X8 box trailer. For a trailer designed to suit, look under “Trailers”.

Our excavator for rent comes with 3 buckets, rate is $199  per day, plus gst. 1 day is 8 hours if you use 10 hours in the day the cost will be $199  + 2 hours at $24  per hour plus gst. Total would be $247  +gst.

Note: 8 x 4 mini excavator trailer is the trailer made for this excavator. Look under “Trailers” for the price.

Buy: $10,500 AUD
Rent 1 day: $199 AUD

1.2 Ton Mini Excavator

XN12 is our latest in mini excavators. Unlike its cousin, the XN10 which has Chinese made hydraulics and Chinese single cylinder engine. The XN12 is designed by SIMPSONPAUL with a 3 cylinder Yanmar engine and Japanese hydraulic components. It produces almost double the power and is still contained in a mini excavator body.
Ideally suited to the contractor who works in a confined space, like under buildings, along walls and in trenches, but still want that power they haven’t been able to get in the past.

1 ton mini excavator, model XN12 (officially rated as a 1.2 ton), Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel engine. Japanese Nachi hydraulics, total control joystick, rubber tracks.
Ideal for home use, small contract jobs, gardens, boring holes, moving soil, the ideal machine for small acreage. 
12 month warranty. 
Parts and service available. 
2 buckets, quick hitch and 200 mm auger. 


$18,500, delivered.
The XN12 will deliver the very thing the contractor has been looking for in a mini body. The XN12 is a power packed machine, a must for modern day plumbers, electricians and renovators.

Note: Priced to sell quickly and affordable for contractors to buy at $18,000  plus GST. 
Trailer specifically built to suit the XN12 is $4,350, total package drive away $22,350 .

The rate is $220  per day plus gst. 
1 x day is 8 hours, if over 8 hours the hourly cost is $27.50 AUD per hour. 
Eg: 10 hour day will cost $220 
Plus 2 x hours at $27.50  = Total of $275  plus gst

Buy: $18,000 AUD
Hire 1 day: $220 AUD

1.6 Ton Mini Excavator

1.6 ton mini excavator, model XN16. This is a Zero turn tail, 3 cylinder Yanmar engine. All hydraulics are Japanese Nachi, side swing boom.
3 buckets, 1 x200mm, 1x 400mm, 1x 1000mm. log grab, 300 mm and amp; 200 mm auger, modern design, ride comfort seat, cast counter weight. This is a must see machine.


$24,600, delivered.
Yes, we have purpose built trailer to suit.

Rate is $240  per day on the trailer, you pick up. Yes we can deliver if you require, delivery rate is $50  + gst. One day hire is 8 hours Plus $30  per hour over 8 hours. 
Eg: 10 hours is $240  plus 2 hours at $30  per hour = $60, total = $300  plus gst.

Buy: $22,000 
Hire 1 day: $240 

2 Ton Excavator

2 ton mini excavator, model XN20. This is a Zero turn tail, 3 cylinder Yanmar engine, All hydraulics are Japanese Nachi, valve body is Italian, side swing boom. 
3 buckets, 1 x200 mm, 1x 400 mm, 1x 1000 mm. Rubber or steel track, steel track can have rubber bolt on pads at an extra cost of $800 AUD. 
Manual quick hitch, modern design, ride comfort seat, cast counter weight. This is a must see machine. 


The XN20 is a 2 ton excavator specifically designed by SIMPSONPAUL for the medium sized Australian market. The XN20 has a 3 cylinder Yanmar engine, Japanese hydraulic motors and italian valve body all assembled in China under strict quality control for SIMPSONPAUL.

$34,000  delivered.
Yes, we do have purpose built trailer to suit.

Rate is $299  per day on the trailer. One day is 8 hours plus $37.50  per hour over 8 hours. 
Eg: 10 hours is $240  plus 2 hours at $37.50  per hour = $75 , total = $374 , plus gst. 

Hire 1 day: $299 

3.5 Ton Excavator

This is the 3.5 ton SIMPSONPAUL excavator model XN35.
This machine has a zero turn radius (body turns inside of its own track width), it has a choice of either Kubota or Yanmar engine. The drive motors are all Japanese and the hydraulic valve body is American. Nothing will stop the SIMPSONPAUL XN35. Cabin is fully air-conditioned/heated. It has a 1.2m mud bucket, a 450mm toothed digging bucket and a 250 mm toothed trench bucket. American valve body gives light sensitive fingertip control. This machine is modern, quiet, comfortable and powerful. Steel tracks are available, bolt on rubber pads can be supplied at an extra cost of $500. Rubber tracks are normally fitted as stock standard.

Priced to sell at $54,500 +gst without aircab.(with aircab, still under 60K) Yes we have in stock, the trailer for this machine. See trailer section in this website.

Rate is $450  a day including trailer. Like all our machines, 1 day is 8 hours, if you do 10 hours in a day, the hourly rate is $56  p/hour. 
EG: you do 10 hours in a day, the cost will be $450  plus 2 hours at $56 , total would be, $562  +gst. We have two machines in stock, brand new.

Hire 1 day: $450